Absurd story number one

A little over a month ago, I got hit by a motorcycle. Or rather, I hit a motorcycle.

Let me explain.

RC and I were crossing the street across from our office building. We were halfway across when I got hit. It wasn’t my fault really, I was looking at incoming traffic and was already across the lane when a motorcycle with a dad, a mom and a kid, which was going counterflow to avoid the traffic, hit me in the leg and the back. What happened?

I looked over at them, standing up, as they fell over on the bike. I guess they saw me and started to brake from a distance so that the impact wouldn’t be as bad as you would expect. In the absurdity of the moment none of us said anything and just got up and went our separate ways.

It’s a funny story. Nobody got hurt. Once I got into the office I started laughing my butt off. And besides a couple of bruises there were no marks left on me.

Just the memory that makes me chuckle every now and then.

And the now wariness of motorcycles when I cross the street.

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