The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Keeping my inner bridezilla in check.

I have to admit, right until someone popped the question of forever, I wasn’t really the person who imagined what their wedding would look like. I wasn’t the girl who put the pillowcase over their head to mimic a veil, or had play weddings with a pretend husband. Sure, I loved sending ideas to my friends who were engaged as one of my favorite blogsites was a diy wedding site, but it was just because I loved the offbeat ideas that I saw on this site that a friend showed me.

I think it’s my addiction to research. I like heading over to a site, a forum, a blog and combing it through thoroughly for ideas. The ideas I see are automatically clicked, saved, and organized into folders. I send ideas over to a friend that was engaged a month before I did almost everyday, and keep a folder for her stuff as well.

Right now, everything is still a bit overwhelming since there is so much to think about, from top to bottom, all the expenses, the choices, the ideas, well, it can almost make you keel over. Unless you’re planning your own wedding, you really don’t know about all the work, stress and money that pours into that one day. Even now, when I’m just in the “information gathering” stage, i’m already imagining all the things that might and will go wrong when the wedding takes place. (If you know me, you’d know that I’m the girl always with one thing wrong, the bag strap broken, the sneaker going into the mud puddle, the huge zit on graduation, and I am deathly afraid of what Murphy’s law is going to serve me.)

Anyway, as people all around me always tell me, I’m breathing and rebooting. I have the time and the resources to make it a day that’d be us.

Now does anyone know where to start?


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