The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

And then, life changed in an instant

It may be one of the most cliche things ever, but from recent events, I really do believe that when God closes a door, he opens a window. In my life, he blew the whole thing open.

If you know me personally and you’ve seen/talked to me in the past two months, you probably are privy to a huge personal change that has left me singularly different. It’s forced me to change in so many ways, and have made me grow up so much in such a short period of time.

Things change, people get surprised, life deals you cards that you didn’t think you could use. Sometimes you just need a different perspective to see the big picture, and find out that you have the capabilities to handle.

Professionally, there has been a huge change as well. Something that is going to stretch me mentally, emotionally, physically in a short span of time, in a very crucial time. It’s a challenge, but also an opportunity that will make me see how much I can learn under pressure, and if I come out shining, or just end up a bunch of coal.

Life is good. It’s thrown me in such huge curves, but it’s made me amazingly happy in crazy ways.

I can do this.

4 responses to “And then, life changed in an instant”

  1. take breaks. exercise can work too. good for stress relief.

    *I will do this.

  2. Everything’s gonna be alright! 🙂

  3. Thanks guys. 🙂

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