I think you should listen to Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone” today

I’m late to the party, but this weekend I watched and loved the movie Pitch Perfect. New girl crush Anna Kendrick’s deadpan stare just reminds me of Tina Fey, and I liked the character she played. She knew what she liked and she worked to accomplish what she wanted to, even if she had to grit her teeth sometimes to get there.

(But also it showed Grade A flirting with singing, and quips I could never pull off in real life but would like to see done and pulled off).

Mostly, I loved their voices when they sang, especially Anna Kendrick’s alto. 🙂

I got my ticket for the long way round
The one with the prettiest of views
It’s got mountains
It’s got rivers
It’s got sights to give you shivers
But it sure would be prettier with you

You can listen to the song here.

Mountains, rivers, the seas, everything would be prettier with someone that makes you happy.

I hope you find someone who makes you grin today, with flirting, great singing, or just being.


Today’s borrowed thought: Neil Gaiman

Not that I’m angry. It’s just I think that there’s nothing riskier than falling in love and giving your heart to a person. You’re giving them the license to stomp on your heart, tear it apart, and leave it behind, broken and wasted.

But isn’t that part of the thrill?

Here’s hoping that this rainy Monday you’re looking at a person that’s worth the pain and insanity of the feeling.


A new food experience: Nomama Artisanal Ramen

I’ve been wanting to try Nomama Artisanal Ramen ever since I read about it on It was a slow day at work and I was looking at places to eat after my shift, and voila, a photo of raw tuna artfully arranged on a plate made me instantly curious about the place.

So after month of anticipation and an opportunity to take a friend to somewhere new, I got to try Nomama Artisanal Ramen last week. I finally sunk my teeth into this:

The menu describes it as “Spicy Tuna Spring Rolls, avocado cream, spicy ponzu, arugula and alfalfa. ” It was as amazing as I thought. Fresh, spicy, soothing, and light all at the same time. I had to have it, even if it was a bit pricey at P330.

Of course, the place being known for its ramen, I had to try a bowl. I am not the biggest fan of ramen, more a pho girl, but I do like soup, noodles, and a bowl of something good.

I had the Ox Tongue and Chili Tofu ramen pictured below:

It was good, unusual with its slices of ox tongue, a bit spicy with the red sauce thing on top, with the tofu cubes melting in your mouth. My companion had the Nomama ramen, which was also really good, with an amazing pork broth.

All in all a good experience. I would definitely go back to Nomama just for the Tuna Loin, and am extremely curious about the Wagyu Ramen.

Nomama’s Facebook page is here:

They’re found here: G/F FSS Bldg 2, Scout Tuason cor Scout Castor Sts, Quezon City, Ph

Prepare about P500 a head, and arrive with a empty belly, waddle out with their amazing broth sloshing around.

Now who wants to go back with me?


Radio silence.

At my old workplace, people knew me as the girl that always had earphones on, volume turned up, at most every time I was alone.

I also used to work with music in the background, but I’ve stopped.I’m kind of liking the silence. It gives me time to think. Reflect on the events of my day. Look back on the decisions I made, think about what I need to do tomorrow. Just decluttering my currently feels like overloaded brain.

I like to talk in a quiet space too. Nothing in the background, mostly just the air around, no loud music, distractions. Really listening to the person you’re with, and absorbing what they have to say.

I think this is a sign of growing up, and moving towards a more reflective space rather than drowning out what I think or feel, but I’m also the same girl who wants to just shut up, buy a pint of double dutch ice cream and curl up with it and a book.

I guess we all have to find our serenity somewhere. Now mine includes silence.

What makes you calm?