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    Todd English Food Hall: More than just a macaron wheel

    Honestly, I was skeptical about the Todd English Food Hall. I have read bad things about the celebrity chef that it’s named for, and the food hall concept seemed for me, a little too easy. It is a huge space, and the acoustics travel a bit, so expect to hear a bit from your neighbor’s table, and hear plates being put down here and there. It’s pretty, with white, black, wood, marble and leather all around, with the splashes of color being the food, the items for sale around open shelves all on the walls, and the decorative Ferris Wheel on the dessert bar that carries different, brightly colored macarons.…

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    I still haven’t found my metabolism

    I am twenty frigging eight years old, and about 4 years ago, I lost my mutant metabolism. The one that allowed me to eat like a construction worker after 8 hours of backbreaking work in the summer without gaining a pound, I just, lost it. Now I am saddled with extra poundage, because I didn’t, and still haven’t adjusted my appetite to the slowing pace of my body, telling me to cool it if I still want to be able to fit into all the dresses my mom made me in the past 7 years. I love food. It makes my day. When I’m stressed, it’s what I turn to…

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    Te quiero, Boqueria

    I cannot claim to be the expert at Spanish food. Like everyone else of a Filipino heritage born and raised in the Philippines, what I know of Spain is that we were colonized for 400 years, we took inspiration from a lot of dishes, instilled in ourselves the language, and found a trace of lineage here and there (some more than others, me, I do not think even 5%). I do like what I’ve had, food wise at Boqueria, even if it may not be the most traditional, or the most avant garde. It is, for me, just good. The two times I’ve been have been great, the first got…

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    A bowl of something good at P.H.A.T Pho Serendra

      I like pho. Well, I like bowls. Bowls make it easy to eat. There’s less spillage, soup is contained, and you only need one utensil, thus saving on washing dishes. Pho is one of those throw it all in dishes that is instant comfort, but in reality takes almost 24 hours to make. Much like Japanese ramen, pho is a seemingly simple amalgamation of flavors that people rarely make as good at home as they get in specialty places. Those that prepare their broth for almost a day, boiling soup bones, mixing flavors, intermingling subtle flavors to come up with this soothing yet exciting dish, that no ready made…

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    Growing up, I’ve always been told to be good to others. Work hard. Do what you can. Try your best. My parents raised me to be a good person, keep my head down, and know that if something is due you, it’ll go your way. As I am becoming an adult, I have learned the hard way that this isn’t necessarily true. Life isn’t fair. People don’t necessarily get what they deserve. You don’t get treated well by people just because you treat them well, and even if you do your best, you won’t get what you were hoping for. I am not one to deny my fairly sheltered existence.…

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    The calm after the storm.

    I woke up today and saw a yellow sky. It always reminds me of storms, whether an impending or just past. It’s an eerie calm that always leaves me staring up until it goes away. Yesterday was pretty scary for most of the people in Metro Manila who saw what the winds and rain could do to nature. Our little nook got a lot of fallen leaves, a huge branch of the mango tree out, our dogs wet at some point or another, electricity out, but otherwise fine. Hoping others out there are fine as well.

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    The Picture Perfect Life

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs. Almost everyone has a public life nowadays, and mostly, it’s picture perfect. Exotic vacations, awesome food. gorgeous gifts. We’ve all spent hours checking someone’s Instagram feed, or Facebook tagged photos, looking, seeing if this person has actually, any flaws at all. Feeling bad about ourselves after because our lives aren’t that glamorous, or we’re not that photogenic, or thinking that we can do better, because we work harder, we treat people better. Well, life isn’t fair, and your life, no matter how #blessed it is, doesn’t compare to the person in college who moved up from poverty and now travelling the world, or the girl who…