The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

We’re all a little bit weird

I like thinking that in the most basic sense, we’re all a bit similar. We have to breathe to live. We need to eat to survive. We create waste. We like to think of ourselves as contributing to the overall sense of the universe. I also think we all have something that makes us different from other people, the things that make us, the people we are.

I’m not trying to start a philosophical debate here on what makes us human, is it our memories, is it our ability to speak and communicate, is it civilization that created the concept and we’re all just living beings not different from animals. Religion would like to say differently and I won’t argue with people’s beliefs. I’m just enjoying the fact that people are so different but also very much the same.

So embrace your weirdness and the things that make you a freak. Eat pasta differently. Don’t eat pasta at all. Hate ice cream and dogs or love them more than other people (I know the joke here, let’s let that pass). As long as it’s not hurting other people, I think self acceptance is more important than trying to fit the ideal. It’s hard trying to be perfect in a high definition world where we’re all measured by the same face value standards when the things we can contribute are harder to add to the scale.

I mean, is a woman who focused on their career and earned millions of dollars better than the woman who stayed at home and personally raised her five kids? Is a man who has cured diseases through research better than one who went to the front lines to fight for peace for their country? Many people will argue for each side, and people will have opinions based on their background and values. Wars have been fought for a lot less than a beautiful woman (I know that Helen of Troy is fictional but hey, what’s up).

But we all have to live in this world, and moment by moment, it gets smaller and smaller. People go viral for a lot of different reasons but we’ll never know the whole, real story behind that widespread moment. Conservatives will hate on the inclusion of things that are against their beliefs while liberals will embrace diversity, but who is really right?

I’m sure we all have our opinions, but the hardest thing now is to accept that we will never all get along. Life is a series of events that shape people and conflict paves the way for change unfortunately, and while people get hurt along the way, all I ask is for you to be kind to one another.

It’s too easy to close off and judge another for their choices when you don’t know what their pain is. So flip the coin and remember when your days were difficult and your morale was low before you go attack another person online or in person. We all need a bit of kindness sometimes.

P.S. My tiny freakiness that I will share is that I need stick wafers to be extremely almost rubbery after a day of the jar opening, and I eat it by peeling the layers off. I find it fun but also need a lot of patience to do this.

When was the last time you thought you were weird?

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