I’ve been thinking about sincerity.

I really should stop drinking alcohol with caffeine, or maybe I should stop drinking altogether.

Or maybe someone in this damn room should be awake with me, but really I may just be jealous that everyone is snoozing away. And no one is conscious! to listen to half alcohol/half caffeine thoughts in the middle of the night.

But as always, I digress.

I’ve been thinking about sincerity. How rare a commodity it is, that every now and then, you have to wonder how people really are, and who really is sincere.

Because you see, I’m pretty bad at gauging sincerity. This is perhaps a major flaw in the work I’m in, but there it is.

I would like to believe that true connections are hard to create. When you’re in a space where the whole idea is to network towards an end goal, and hear people strategize how to do it, it’s a little unnerving to hear people to recommend using personal tidbits and/or a commonality to hook someone in.

I guess my stomach still needs to gain more steel than it’s currently encased in (flab, mostly) for me to survive in this industry, but honestly, I’d just like to be able to separate actual kindred from those who are just good at networking.

How do you gauge sincerity?

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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