The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

August 2022

  • Status report: Finished my nebules, and I don’t know if I’m hallucinating the cigarette smoke going into the vents. Life moments of the week: 1. Chester being back at the vet, diagnosed with stress. I get it Chester, I miss her too. So much so this week, when I realized how much you follow me… Read more

  • Status update: Once a week nebulizing, but an almost everyday relationship with my inhaler. Only one migraine for the week which is a win — but also upping my caffeine intake by a lot with yakult jasmine iced teas. Eh. We do what we can. Moments of the week: 1. New routines with Cheester. He… Read more

  • Status report: Hives 7 days a week, and now nebulizing my asthma — and got my first inhaler. I need to get my shit together. Or get more sleep. One or the other. Moments of the week: 1. Learning a new skill. A couple friends came over with a full kit and caboodle and spent… Read more

  • 29. Miss you Josh.

    Our friend, amazing person, all around special guy Josh Johnson would’ve been 29 this August 10th. Had a little too much of everything in your honor my friend. Miss ka na namin. Ingat ka diyan. Read more

  • Status report: I think I’ve developed GERD because now I get woken up by the feeling of nausea. Anxiety hives are twice a day now. I live on a diet of sugar and caffeine. Life is short moments from the past week: 1. Cheester being such a good coworker. We’ve been attached at the hip,… Read more

  • Status report: ran out of mini cokes. Now have gone to sakto cokes. Woke up Friday night feeling like a limp noodle that got left in a wire basket in a ramen place over the weekend. Still not a hundred percent but feeling significantly better (but still on every legal remedy possible). Here are the… Read more