The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Life is short, week 37 of 52

Status update: Hives but no asthma. So better? Fatigued as heck all the time, and need to carve time out to row.

I know I’m missing weeks and should clean up but I have zero desire to do that right now.

Short moments of the week:

1. Overspending at the grocery store. So I may have bought enough for a cheese plate for 6, and have not started, and randomly a Kewpie smoke mayo that I put on all the fried things, and thinned out my wallet considerably, but it’s great. With all the things going on — I can barely enjoy making a meal, let alone make one. When I do have time I will enjoy it. And I will find peoples to feed.

2. Chester, after 8 years, coming up when I call his name. He really must be bored. It’s SO CUTE though.

3. Turning an emotionally loaded change to something promising. It has not been without challenges — and let me tell you, I’ve been SO UNPROFESSIONAL, but blame it on insomnia and nerves. You never know how far you can go without being tested, and I hope this is a good thing eventually.

Song of the week: Feel So Good by Mase


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