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What made me happy lately, July 20, 2023

Status report: Hives and insomnia have been kicking my ass. Breathing deep, calming down are important especially since I don’t want to wreck my liver with all the meds. Also saw my ortho because my knee has been making me wince with every bend. It’s a process.

1. Being part of a Say Yes to the Dress moment. One of my friends of three(!) decades is getting married soon and asked if I wanted to hang when she tried on wedding dresses. Not having been a part of this process in years, i could not say yes faster, and even arrived earlier and made friends with the bridal shop owner. I love looking at pretty dresses. I love my friend. This was a core moment I’m keeping for our friendship. The food after wasn’t bad either. Filipino comfort food + pavlovas are awesome especially when it’s rainy.

2. Realizing how lucky I am to be working from home in an environment where people support me. Having driven a lot these past week, I had a glimpse of daily traffic, the lines, the difficulty of booking rides. As a person who’s worked from home since 2010 — I’ve not had to deal with having to go to an office full time and I know this is a privilege. I guess what I’m saying is I’m lucky.

3. Feeling accomplished about little things. The aforementioned driving, I drove further than I’ve had without being sure where I was going this past weekend. Being awful at directions, and having had been hit by a few people on the road, I always play it safe, but I took a risk that panned out this weekend. Able to drive and not get lost (more than twice okay) significantly seems like so little but mean a lot to my opportunities for adventure. I hated it. But I loved what it meant for me.

Songs of the week:

Lonely by Imagine Dragons

Sad Forever by Lauv

My Mind & Me by Selena Gomez

Stop This Train by John Mayer

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