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The Borrowed Time theory

Maybe I’ve been single too long, maybe I’ve just been looking at the negative side of relationships too often, or maybe I’m just a freak who takes her friendships too seriously, but the other day I came up with the borrowed time theory while on the way home from work.

What is the Borrowed Time Theory? Well it’s this idea of mine that the time our friends spend with us is only borrowed time from their significant others. Like for instance, they can only hang out with friends coz they have no plans with their SO. Or the fact that some people have to “ask permission” from their SO to go out with their friends.

Is it that ridiculous to think this?

Maybe yes, but I’ve heard the “I can’t go, we have a date.” reason quite a lot, for several years now. Maybe this is why I sometimes get jealous of my friends’ time with other people when they’re too busy for me. You have to admit I have a bit of a point. Coz a person with an SO always considers that person as their first priority, with friends coming a distant second, or third if you count family).

What is the upside to this theory? For those people who believe it, their SO can rest assured that they are the first priority in that person’s life (plus, no need for jealous fits or fights coz they know the aforementioned fact).

Perhaps this is why I’ve never been the jealous type when it comes to a SO, but when it comes to my friends I’m this paranoid eejit.

And to all those I call my friends, sorry. Hahaha.

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  1. I guess that makes sense enough to be called a theory. Heh. 😛

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