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My final UAAP weekend

final game

And it was a UAAP saturated weekend. After a few days of trying to find tickets online and whatnot, got tickets the old fashioned way, Joannaman got in line on the day of the last game of UP and UST, which was also an ADMU vs DLSU game day so it was hell trying to get tickets the days before. I really didn’t know we were gonna get tickets for that day’s game. If i did I would’ve worn a different shirt (I was in navy. I am not an ADMU poser i just didn’t think when i got up to dress that day. Joannaman is the fan not me. She regularly goes to games. She keeps track of scores. She actually knows more players on my alma mater’s team than me.

So when she told me at 11:30 am that I had a ticket for that day’s game and that she went in line twice so I could get one, I hurriedly told my boss I had to go. Got into a cab, headed straight to Araneta. Watched UST and UP’s last non-bearing game. When i got into the coliseum, all i saw was a blur of green and blue, but no matter. A good fight for both sides, with UP leading at the start of the game. In the end UST won, but left the coliseum in tears. I actually felt bad for Jervy Cruz, who, being a huge guy and a monster on the court, was doubled over weeping. It being his last game as a UAAP player and all. So someone hug Mr. Cruz man-mountain for me when you see him, he looked like he needed it that day.

As the yellow and maroon left the court and the green and blue went in, you could almost feel the crowd waking up from a collective sleep. The tension crackled in the air. If you haven’t watched a UAAP game before, this is the game to watch. People bedecked in green or blue, no one daring to be in the wrong color at the wrong place unless he had a death wish. I definitely didn’t. I stayed quiet amidst the sea of blue around me. Although I have to admit I was leaning more toward the green than the blue (except for one dlsu player that i want to deck, he just gives me the jeebies). I usually watch these games on the tube, and there usually is a good fight between the rivals, but this game was way different. ADMU in the lead from the start, with DLSU almost handing them the victory, never even tying the game. I wonder what happened. The crowd in green was almost silent, slackjawed in surprise at the lackluster showing of their players. And they left quiet still. With the crowd in blue chanting ONE BIG FIGHT. And I’m sure in the heads of the gang in green, they promise a better fight next time.

Cheerdance was quite different. UP and UST were there en masse. A sea of yellow, although a lot less yellow than i’ve seen in previous years, greeted me as I went in. UP was there in force, almost doubling the UST crowd, definitely the biggest representation of a single school there. Joannaman and I were the wishy-washiest people there. Cheering the Go Uste! cheer and the Unibersidad ng Pilipinas cheers, cheering Go Lasalle, clapping at the ADMU routine. I chose to play safe and wore a yellow jacket, Joannaman went the maroon shorts route. And while the Patron section was mostly quiet, we were noisy enough for the rest of the people there.

Things to note:

  • I was a bit disappointed at the UST routine. No wow! part. And while I cannot for the life of me do any of those moves, I thought they could have gone a bit more exciting. (maybe next year?)
  • Loved the DLSU crowd for cheering along UST. a lot.
  • UP was basically amazing. even taking pictures and a bit distracted, I was awed.
  • ADMU had a fun routine, with a sprinkle of fabulous. (just the way I like it)
  • UE sure likes umbrellas. It’s like the second time I’ve seen them use those in the span of a few years.
  • I think people were looking for the fun factor in the FEU routine and were disappointed that there wasn’t one.
  • I think UST changed the tiger mascot uniform?
  • There was an NU fan who reminded us of esther, we watched him bounce around the bleachers all throughout the NU routine.
  • UP deserved to win.

And i, feeling a bit colehiyala for a moment, got a little jolt of kilig when I turned around, saw a college crush and smiled at him then proceeded to RUN AWAY. I am a dork. Hahaha.

And how was your weekend?

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