The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

A new perspective on a mess up


So today marks one year I’ve had with my d40. And what have I learned?

1. Settings are tricky, and having friends who are more adept with the camera makes you lazy to learn everything firsthand.

2. This is an uberbulky camera that is almost never used when island hopping and snorkeling.

3. It’s a commitment, buying a dslr. You have to learn stuff, and people  immediately assume you know what to do with it.

4. It’s actually not hard taking nice food photos, coz the camera does all the work for you.

5. Buy a freaking camera bag so that when you drop it, the lcd doesn’t break.

The day before my camera turns 1, my bag strap breaks, sending my bag to the floor, and i hear a crack.

Desperately praying it was my umbrella and not the camera, I check. Yep, it was the camera. The cover of the LCD with a spidercrack smack dab in the middle was the unfortunate sight that almost brought me to tears while on my way to work.

Fortunately, I kept my cool until i got to the office, where I bawled like a baby.

Took a half day to troop over to Mayer’s (where I bought it) and have it fixed.

I was told it was gonna cost about five thou but to call on Tuesday to know the final price of the repair.  I felt like crying, coz I just bought a point and shoot, and have plans to travel next month, it was like everything was pointing at “Jods, yer broke until Christmas”.

Then we went to Dong Bei to eat, and while I was staring into space worrying how I was gonna pay for everything while still having a life (and waiting for our food), i figured, it was just money. Things could be so much worse.

So now, that’s my mantra. It’s just money.

But in the meantime, Happy 1 year to Rrramon! 🙂 We’ve been through so much together, and we’ve so much to experience and record (for blackmail). Promise I’ll take better care of you, and will find out how you work.


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