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Hyphenates and Growing up

Anyone who’s met me knows I am resistant to growing up. But going through my people’s facebooks, well, I see an age of hyphenates, of friends I knew growing up now with hyphenates, new friends who have now changed from Santiago to Rabi (Sup Abi). 🙂 My sister’s friends, who i’ve known since forever as well, are now a sea of Something -Another thing.

It’s kinda freaking me out.

See, if they grow up, someday soon I’m gonna have to too! And jeez, I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life yet to be honest. I’m still going where the wind takes me and for a soon to be 24-year old, that’s a little nuts isn’t it?

I’m still not absorbing that my friends are making and taking care of people and building new lives with their husbands/wives. I mean, these are people I played in the dirt with. Hee. It’s kinda hard to connect one idea with the other don’t you think? Especially if these people are somewhere far away (Marie Blair Charpentier, I’m talking to you) :).

So please, friends, people that i’ve loved since we were skinning our knees running around the field at Ange, or going to Mcdonald’s Visayas sharing fries, please please tell meh if you’re heading toward that direction. I need to wrap my head around it. I might keel over a little still though.

I loff you guys though and I’m happy for you. 😀

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  1. We loff you too.
    Growing up is great but not growing old.

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