there is so much beauty in the world


Destruction, hunger, murder and a million other things. Proven to get any other person down any given day.

Read your newspaper and guaranteed there is one thing on there that’ll ruin your morning.

The choices people make to lie, cheat, steal, kill, ravage and destroy the beauty and goodness that is out there is unbelievable.

But we have to look up, see the sun that burns our skin and feel the warmth that it gives us when we’re chilly in the morning.

The sky that we prod for rain when it’s dry, so breathtakingly blue with a smattering of clouds.

Nature, the same thing we’re killing with our bulldozers and pesticides, the same thing we long for when we see gray buildings and walk on concrete.

To feel dewy grass and smell the salt in the air when we’re near the ocean.

I pray the generations would get to see.

Not in photographs and paintings, but to really feel what it’s like to just be where the sky is blue and the water cool, as it was when we were kids and we didn’t need anything but the street to play patintero in.

No PSPs, or DS lites needed for a road trip, just pointing out things on the horizon like an oddly shaped mountain or all those ducks in the rice field.

I sound like a hippie don’t i?

It’s just, there is so much beauty in the world, and I hope we all still get to see it before it washes away.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.


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