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The Christmas List

I am a lister. I list all things down, coz I tend to forget. I like seeing them in print, and if you’ve ever seen my tattered green notebook, you’ll know that I have dozens of lists about anything I might think of. A Christmas list, I have three. But here I just figured, I’d ask the Big Guy up there for a couple of things:

1. For the pater to quit smoking. It’s more than a pack a day methinks.

2. For glorious earphones for the pc. Sorry Est, I really, really don’t like the Kpop.

3. For another store room for all the stuff people keep stashing in my room. It’s insane I want to burn them, really

4. For more free nook books. i want it all!

5. For more instax film. (OR THE OHGOD POLAROID 300 in red)

6. To go back to my college weight. I really need God on this one

7. For an endless supply of chapstick. I needs ittt.

8. For people on the street to stop chucking firecrackers when people pass by. Not. Cool.

9. For endless toffee nut, all year round.

10. For the ability to teleport. Traffic, you waste half my life.

And a bunch of other material things. Mostly, to keep this happy. 🙂 And thanks Big Dude, you rocked this year.

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