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25 Things About a Girl Turning 25

I’m turning 25 in two weeks (April 13) and needless to say, this girl is iffy about turning a quarter century old. Breaking that age barrier into my late twenties, well, may not seem so scary for many people, but it sure is scaring me. Here comes the inevitable questions of growing up, that in my Peter Pan brain, is stubbornly shaking in its boots to answer. So instead, here comes twenty five things about this girl, turning twenty five:

1. I am currently obsessed with mochi, a sticky rice paste thing covering ice cream that is originally from Japan, which ironically, I get cheap (P35) at the nearest Korean Mart.

2. I will not eat rabbit or dog. However adventurous I consider myself to be, I will not eat these fluffy creatures. Plus, I have one of each at home.

3. I am a serious lurker of beauty blogs. I may not wear makeup often, or take that much thought or effort into what I wear, but I love reading about it. I check several every day.

4. I play Left 4 Dead 2. I consider it one of the best stress relievers out there.

5. I love swimwear. I am on the constant lookout for the perfect suit, but alas, have grown too many bulges to find the perfect one for me.

6. When I do wear makeup, I use cheek tint, concealer, and powder foundation. For days when I’m feeling up to it, eyeliner.

7. I don’t watch horror movies. I don’t like being scared out of my wits.

8. I was called “Walking Dictionary” by my classmates from elementary school. I have fond memories of looking up random words in our huge, Merriam Webster dictionary and checking their meanings and spelling. I was such a dork.

9. I am still a dork.

10. I hate the taste of beer.

11. I am a middle child, and have all the complexes associated with it.

12. I tried to smother my brother with a pillow at almost three years old. I don’t know why I did it, i just remember going in the room with the pillow.

13. My birthday has hit two fridays, and they have both sucked, so I believe in Friday the 13th.

14.  I have digipermed hair. Reading beauty blogs, I found a salon that earned a great reputation as the place to have it done, and in December, I spent five hours in the salon, to come out with fun curls.

15. At my seventh birthday, I wore a Princess Jasmine inspired outfit that prompted by late grandfather to exclaim “Bakit pinasuot ni Josie[my mom] sa anak niya yan?”. It was a purple skirt, pastel green leggings, and a leotard to match. My aunt (mom’s youngest sister) still laughs about that outfit to this day.

16. I love the rain.

17. I’m left handed. I used to be right handed, then there was a firework incident involving that hand, and I was told I didn’t want to use it to write. I blame this for my development.

18. The band I always wear has been with me since 1999.

19. Three things you will always find with me: lip balm, alcohol and keys to our gate.

20. I carry a knife with me always, one given to me by one of my dad’s friends. He said “Bigay mo kay Jody yan, matapang yun e.”

21. The 80s child in me will never fade. I love bright colors, prints and loud embellishments on stuff, even though I hardly wear them, they just look so pretty to me.

22. I’m very particular about smell.

23. I have a very husky sleepy voice. It freaks people out.

24. My favorite classic Disney princesses are Jasmine from Aladdin and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

25. I love to read.


I’m checking back on this list after a quarter century and checking if anything still holds.

p.s. I’m terrified about turning 25.



2 responses to “25 Things About a Girl Turning 25”

  1. Naalala ko tuloy nung nanonood tayo ng 1408 kila Martin. You were scared shitless, man. We all felt so guilty for forcing you 🙁

  2. It was scary! akala ko happy ending!

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