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Happy at Happy Lemon

Happy Lemons!

I know that every other person has blogged about the place since it came to the Philippines, but I can’t help but rave about it. What an innovative way to look at tea drinks, and for once, this place is always filled with more people than the requisite Starbucks next to it.

If you are one of the last few people in Manila who has not tried the drinks here, I urge you to try it with an open mind, and order the Cocoa RSC (Rock salt and cheese) and find a new twist on a favorite drink. I love the green tea RSC, but hey, i love the flowery taste of jasmine tea that’s the base of the drink, so it’s a little weirder on the taste buds.

And hey, it’s a liiiiiitle healthier than my favorite milkshakes and/or coke.

Next time you drop by Greenhills, go to Promenade and take a sip out of Happy Lemon, it really is one for the happy books.

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