Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

I know what you’re thinking, this girl that gets all sappy about everything is going to get sappy about Christmas isn’t she and you’ll be right. I do get sappy about a lot of things, and Christmas may be my favorite time of the year.

I just love the season, and one thing makes it a great time for sure, I’m going to be with my family every year. You see,

In our family, we spend Christmas together. My mother’s side of the family gets together every year to eat, open gifts and basically cause a ruckus (with games or karaoke) to celebrate the holiday.

I love it. Things change year after year, but this I can count on to be fun and just be happy.

This year we’ll probably be fishing in my uncle’s small pond, trying out the newly installed Jacuzzi and eating while eating then eating again.

Another thing I like about the holiday is the preparation. This year, I decorated my first real tree. I work in a Christmas tree company and got one as a bonus this year, and we set it up, decorations and everything from start to finish. It feels so grown up, while being like a kid again, getting excited about being able to help put the Christmas balls on the tree, picking out the things that will make it shine.

This is also my last year spending Christmas as a single person, and the last one officially as a kid, and I’m making the most of it.


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