A new food experience: Zark’s Burgers

A normal burger from Zark’s

So I’m not really a food blogger, but I’m a blogger that loves food. However, it’s been so long since we’ve tried something new, so I haven’t had anything really fun to write about. Until last Saturday when we went to Zark’s Burgers.

You see we’ve heard a lot about Zark’s. Friends have gone to the place. They’ve been asking us for more than a year to go, since people knew how much we loved food, and burgers in particular. Also, my brother is kind of a legend of consumption in our circles (See his blog here) they’ve told us about the eating challenges this particular joint had to offer. So on a bored Saturday afternoon, we trooped all the way to Taft Avenue to see what they had to offer.

What these two challenges were:

1. The Jawbreaker:

  • a 1.5-pound triple layer cheeseburger with SPAM, bacon and overflowing with cheese sauce
  • 200 grams fries
  • 1 12 oz glass of iced tea
  • 5 minutes to finish

What you win: The food free, otherwise, a P250 charge.

2. The Tombstone:

  • 2 Pound cheeseburger
  • 200 grams of Fries
  • 1 12 oz glass of iced tea
  • 10 minutes to finish

What you win: A t-shirt, free food, and a picture on the wall.

So of course the brother had to try the Tombstone, since he so easily demolished a similar challenge at Burger avenue (1 pound burger, 5 minutes to finish, he ate that in 2 minutes).

My sister and I, not the eating challenge types, ordered the Strikeout at P120 (mushroom cheeseburger) and Zark’s ultimate burger at P130 (bacon mushroom cheeseburger) respectively and documented the whole thing.

Food verdict: The patty I actually liked for being quite peppery, as I find myself adding a few shakes of pepper every time I head to Wham!, a favorite burger place. The fries were thick cut, much like Burger King’s fries, and were plenty on the plate (we added P20 for fries and a drink). What I didn’t like, the bread. It felt like monay and absorbed so much of the oil and moisture from the veggies that it was a soggy mess halfway in.

Pros: The price points are definitely affordable. My meal totalled P150 and I didn’t even feel the need for dinner that night after. Love the variety of the menu (Found here), where else can you get candied bacon in your burger and a Spam slice?

Cons: The wait. It was 1 pm in the afternoon and we waited 30 minutes in line to get in. This is a popular joint, and prepare to get even hungrier before you get in (which may probably be a pro for the people taking on the challenge)

So what happened to the brother? He almost didn’t finish, and after seeing what he had to go through:

I couldn’t blame him. There is no other word for that Tombstone but a behemoth. And those fries, a mountain.

Is this the last time we’re going to Zark’s? Definitely not. We’re coming back ravenous. Prepare the shirts!


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