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What kind of reader are you?

Even with the onslaught of modern distractions, there are still plenty of readers in the world. I’d like to think we’re obstinate dinosaurs that begin our adventures from pages written by other people. People that have been blessed to be able to put these thoughts into coherent, flowing stories that make our life richer, more insane, and color the outlines of sometimes humdrum lives spent doing the routine we’re used to.

So what kind of reader are you? I can think of a few kinds:

1. The Extra Obstinate Dinousaur:

Readers that absolutely refuse to use electronic materials to read. They won’t use electronic readers, tablets or cellular phones to read. They insist that turning pages of books should include crinkling of paper and the smell of published ink on sheets. EODs will have bookshelves filled with old books, and love them the older the better.

2. The Loyalist

Readers that only stick to one, or a few authors or one genre. They will forgo all other books until their favorite authors come out with new books, and will be first in line to buy it, or will only go to the section of the bookstore for their favorite genre. They will recommend their favorites to all readers they come across, and will offer a favorite from the collection, and will stalk their authors online (if alive). They will also have part of their online handles include their authors’ names, and will try to emulate their way of speaking or fashion.

3. The Fad Reader

Readers that will read only the books that are hyped. These include old “reader favorites” such as the LOTR series, or new ones like the Harry Potter series, The Da Vinci Code books or the Hunger Games Trilogy. They will use these books in conversation and will sprinkle them in discussions. Otherwise, they will not use their time to read. They will usually only pick up a book if they hear about it and get their interests piqued.

4. The Memorizer

Readers that will reread the same book over and over again. They will have read their favorite books up until they’ve almost memorized all their favorite lines, or know the characters inside and out. They will also feel emotionally attached to each character and will bemoan their deaths each time they read the scene, even if they know it’s coming.


5. The Book Whore

Readers who will read any book, at any time, using any device available. These readers are addicted to the written word, and can spend hours in a bookstore reading an opened book. These readers usually log hours of page turning a day, and will count reading more important the meals/sleep/human interaction.

6. The Bargain Hunter

The reader that won’t buy a book for full price. They are usually found in thrift stores, cheap bookstores, or at mall sales hunting for deals on books. They will usually consider a book from an author/genre they don’t usually go for because of the price. They will also download all free books they can find online.

I’m kind of a mix of all of these. What kind of a reader are you?

5 responses to “What kind of reader are you?”

  1. Hi Jody!

    Nice article. I’m a mix of number one and six.

  2. Haha so booksale is your treasure trove of books?

  3. Hey Jods! Great article!

    I’m kind of number 1 and 5. I still prefer real books but sometimes I use my iPad mini. I’m such a hoarder! I still have so many unread books and would often just stay in a bookstore than anywhere else. 🙂

  4. Hee Anna! I have a whole buncha books I haven’t read yet too!

  5. I’ll trade you The Fountainhead for Atlas Shrugged? 😉

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