The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Tell us how you really feel

Have you ever felt like screaming into the wind? All your thoughts, what you really feel, what you think all because you feel like there’s just nobody listening? I have.

I’ve actually screamed into the horizon. Honestly, I’ve done this mostly underwater, on a beach somewhere, where I usually find myself thinking more than I ever do out of the saltwater. I guess the beauty of the environment I’m in just throws me off balance and makes me want to just understand more of the life I’m living, and how I’m living it. But also, the water drowns the screaming out so the surrounding people don’t realize how much of a freak the person standing next to them is.

But I digress yet again. If you feel like there’s no one in your life right now that will listen to every uncensored thought, all the taboo feelings, all the crazy impulses you want to indulge in, then find them. It is no good to censor yourself for the world, and really not good for your sanity. Whether it be paid (an actual therapist as a sounding board), treated (friends over booze), loved (a significant other willing to hear you bitch or moan), go and find one now. It’ll help you sleep better, and maybe less people will think you’re the weirdo that keeps screaming on the roof of your bungalow at 10 in the evening. Just be sure the people you’re using as sounding boards are people you trust, and that you’re willing to do the same for them (coz baby, this is a two way street).

You know why it’s good? Because your words are important. Because they’re yours. And the beauty of the life we’re living is that we’ll always find someone who thinks your words are the most important thing they’ll hear that day. Even how bad they are, or depressing, or silly.

I would like to say as a “writer” that it really helps writing down what you can’t say at the moment you’re feeling them, but it really is different when you give your insides a voice, and release those demons (or whatever great feeling you’re keeping inside) once and for all.

I promise, it’ll make you feel better.

2 responses to “Tell us how you really feel”

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly. Find those who will revel in the flames of an individual shining brightly.

    Oh, btw, of your bungalow. Because I guess it’s good to be critical with grammar?

  2. Heyyy! This is something I do Pretty Often!
    Its the best feeling on earth <3

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