Are you happy with who/where you are now?


They say a person is the entirety of the choices they make. We get to where we are based on the combination of the big and small things we decide to do.

So the question that may be itching at you right now, at any age, is are you happy with who or where you are now? Do you wish you did something differently or went on another path? Are you still waiting for things to happen?

I guess all I’m asking now is: Are you able to look at the person you’ve become and be pleased with what you’ve accomplished? If you’re not, what are you doing about it? Do you recognize the person you are now?

So many questions, not a lot of answers. I guess there needs to be either 1. a therapist 2. alcohol involved in these kinds of questions to be feel truly comfortable with answering them honestly.

Me, I’m getting there. Gimme a minute.


A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.


  • Rhiza

    At one point these questions were so loud in my ear every single day until.. i had kids. 🙂 Suddenly everything had a purpose and meaning. Sometimes I still become contemplative about my life and what I’m doing. And sure, I still ask myself those questions–am I happy where I am? Happy what I’ve become? But how can I not answer those questions with YES right?

    I have to say, it’s an exciting phase to be, where you are right now. Never let excitement and positive anticipation be killed by confusion and what-ifs 🙂 The very fact that you’re asking yourself these questions means you’re right on track. 😉

  • Jody Alarva

    Hey Mami Riz,

    Here’s hoping I figure it out. Thank you for saying that you were having these questions too. I’ve always seen you as the person that knew what you were doing and where you were going all these years. Knowing you had the same thoughts makes me feel a little bit better on me having these questions blaring at me.

    Excitement, happiness, I have these for sure. Just knowing the path to keeping them with me is what I’m worrying about.

    p.s. Miss you! I know you’re great where you are, and your babies are so cute! Stay happy!

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