Tales of the chickensh** want of the day: A Be Happy Tattoo

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I have a tendency to veer towards the negative, to dwell on the sad. In my high school years, as everyone has gone through, my thoughts were darker, I had thought that things couldn’t be worse. My teenaged thoughts were dark, depressed, and generally selfish, as young minds tend to be.

Originally, the plan was to get a tattoo of a different word, in a different part of the body. The plan is still there, I’m just waiting for the right opportunity (and tattoo artist) to get it. However, I saw this tattoo on Tumblr, one that simply says “Be Happy.” I think it’s a great reminder for whenever I think more on the negative and forget all the good things that happened that day, or for the matter, that week.

Who are your tattoo artists? Can you recommend one for a simple word tattoo that needs little touch-ups?

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.


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