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    Throwback Thursday thoughts

    Whenever #throwbackThursday rolls around, I always see these insane posts of photos of people 4 years ago, 10 years, 15. Captions are usually “(Number of) pounds ago, or “Before I had  eyebags” or “Wasn’t i supposed to be more successful by now?”. I think the throwback Thursday posts are a way of reliving our past, whether it be a past figure, a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, and makes us think of regrets we’ve had, or how little we’ve accomplished since then. Looking at yourself younger, more fit, and all around “better” can be a kick to the senses. I know I’ve had those moments when I…

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    Where are you taking me?

    Too often, this is what happens in all kinds of relationships. People get comfortable. They get used to the routine. They forget. And no, I am not making a thinly veiled jab at the person in my relationship. I am happy thankyouverymuch. I am talking about your other relationships. The one that have been there for years, that really we forget when something shiny romantic comes along. Your family. Your friends. Your other relationships. I admit, I can take things for granted. I have a pretty awesome support system. When things crumbled around me, the people I didn’t see all those years, those I wrote off because I knew I hadn’t kept…

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    Why comparison is the thief of joy

    Teddy Roosevelt aptly put it, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” and in this life and generation, I wholeheartedly agree. It used to be, that when you went to school reunions, you see the people you went to school with, and how different their lives turned out to be from yours, and you feel bad for a night, or a week even. They became who they set out to be while you’re still finding your path. They found somebody amazing while you’re still in the dating pool. They outgrew the baby fat while you gained 15 pounds and then some since you last saw them. And all the other things…

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    Silantro: Fil-Mex cheesy goodness

    One of our friends had a birthday last month and asked for a recommendation for where to go. My sister had heard good things about Silantro from another friend, and off we went. The premise was nonpricey Mexican with a Filipino twist, and unlimited mojitos so we figured that would be hard to get wrong, and heck, they did things right. It was a Friday and the place was packed. It only had about 12 tables and there were double the amount of patrons, half of which were waiting for others to finish. We were hungry, so we ordered a plate of Nachos (P145) to eat while waiting for a table…

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    A love letter

    I was drowning. You pulled me up from the water, and showed me how to breathe again. You brought me back to a world of possibility, of color and texture. I am living a life I never thought possible, and I found it with you. Thank you for walking into my life.