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And now, for a moment of Dirty Dancing cheese

I remember Patrick Swayze as the guy from “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”. I’m a 90s kid, and this was what he was famous for at the time. A month ago, as our company had an 80s themed Christmas party (we like early parties as we’re busy in December), I was introduced belatedly to the hotness of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. The movie was okay, the dancing great, the outfits questionable, but the Swayze was super hot. I think this is one of the most objectified I’ve seen a guy was in those days. He was always in a tight shirt, or no shirt, pants that showed every sinew, arms rippling. It was mostly subtle Magic Mike.

Oh, I was supposed to talk about the Dirty Dancing cheese.

So they do this dance, that is awesome, at the end of the movie. I loved it. And the lift at the end is something I shall never attempt, unless I was the one doing the lifting (I cannot be lifted like that, maybe by a powerlifter on a good day).

I can imagine 80s teens dreaming about this dance number, as 30 years later, it’s still amazing. If you’re a dancer and skinny, please do try this with a partner that is as cheesy and skilled on the dance floor as you are. It deserves a repeat.

Thank you Patrick Swayze.

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