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Hello, Chunky


This is Chunky Butter. New lady of the house, licker of all things. She is a Holland Lop we adopted in March from a farm in Batangas, and it’s been a joy to be with her. She is definitely a character, going from an enthusiastic cuddler to running away when someone is trying to approach her. She loves hay more than pellets. She tends to be territorial about basil, and she licks every dang thing she can reach.

She is a tiny little thing, and from what I’ve read, she’s not going to be as big as Chester, which is good, that she’ll still get big enough to play with him but not too big to not be comfortable in our space. Her name was derived from the Chunk on her nose, which is a characteristic of her coloring, “broken” from what I’ve read.

She has been sick since we’ve gotten her however, from having stomach problems, to sneezing fits we have not been able to get rid of for months, we’ve taken her to the vet so much they know her by name. I’d like to stop worrying about her, but this has been a learning experience on what to consult, the delicate nature of bunnies, and bonding with her. When Chester has been with me sporadically, she has been with me almost all her stay with us. She’s gotten bigger and more enthusiastic, and has been more comfortable in the space.

I love this Chunk and I hope she gets better soon. Just keep swimming!

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