The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

What makes me happy? My rabbits do.

Lately I’ve been thinking about happiness. What makes people happy, what keeps them smiling day to day even through unconquerable pain and suffering, or grit through the small, frustrating things of the MRT always being full, or your hair smelling like fried chicken after a good lunch at a wings place.

Joy. It’s so elusive to so many people, who complain about every little thing and forget about what comes their way.

I know I’m lucky. The two things that make me smile every day can be summed up in the photoIMG_0139 below:

Chunky (left) and Chester (right). Our two bunnies that are so weird, but so cute I can’t even stay mad when they chew on the furniture. I’m just happy to have rabbits in my life again, and keeping them healthy is a big priority in my life. It is so difficult to find their main staple, hay, in the Philippines, that I always buy a month’s worth of food each time. Every time I’m at the mall I buy a bag of their treats, rabbit pellets at the pet store. I cut their nails every week, which does not make them happy but keeps them from getting problems. Change their bedding once a day. Get them something green and a tiny bit of fruit to nibble on to keep them happy. They’re spayed and neutered to give them a longer chance in life. My favorite time is vitamin feeding time because they actually run up to me to get it.

Rabbits are not known for being cuddly, even if they look it. Most of them absolutely hate being picked up. They’re even more elusive than cats. Chunky growls and boxes you if you take too long to give her her treat. Chester bites my hand at night if he’s hungry at 2 am and the hay bowl is empty.

Those faces though.

I guess you can say I’ve found two beings I will love for their whole lives. I just hope they live very long ones.


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