The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Hello, Goodbye

When my blog domain expired in September of last year, I thought I had kissed blog writing goodbye. I had this thing about disconnecting online and connecting in person and I wanted to do more of that.

But you know the cliche “Life happens when you’re making other plans”? Well that happened to me. Life threw a gut punch of a game changer my way. What I realized in hindsight was, I cannot change too much of myself and forget that most of my life, how I processed things was through writing. Whether privately or through vague hints here and there on a public space, writing has always gotten me through the trying parts of my life.

This isn’t my old home, as was purchased by another person. Ten years of writing, albeit sporadic, and it’s time to move forward. Time to become an adult and move to a domain that feels way more grown up.

Honestly, I was not a successful professional writer, let me tell you that. I guess it was because my writing isn’t very structured or grammatically correct, it was, and still is, all gut feel. What feels right, sounds right, all emotional.  I shifted from a writing job to something else quite quickly when that didn’t pan out, and am currently doing something different, but so far, moving along.

But I never forgot about words and putting them on paper. This January I started a DAILY journal as a project for 2018. Yes, daily. Full pages of my day that mostly come to, “went to eat at the same place, had a good day with my bunnies”. Seeing the words connect to paper though is quite satisfying, especially now that I’m actually using gel ink pens, not ballpoint. I never used to do this since I’m left handed and when at any point I get sweaty everything smudges and it’s all a big mess. I’m not sure if I’m writing slower or the pages just absorb better but I am feeling better about the ink. I may have to buy my first pen in a decade, from years of hoarding pens from hotels or doctor friends and relatives.

But as always, I digress.

I may not always be writing, and I may be saying goodbye to jodythinks, but I will be putting words to paper, typing, and so forth. This new domain feels like a new beginning. Not just to a more grown up me since I will always have the sense of humor of a thirteen year old boy, but maybe one that will be more of a stretch than just my waistline. Life may have punched me in the gut, but the bruises are healing.

So hello to my 5 readers again, and don’t worry, I won’t say goodbye anytime soon.

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