Happy 4th Gotcha Day Chester!

Today marks four years since this handsome boy came into our lives. I know it seems sappy and weird to be this attached to a rabbit, but this one, he really is special. He has never tried to hurt or even retaliate any of his sisters. He likes to snuggle up when you’re lying down. He lets even people he’s just met pet and pick him up. He’s just got the best heart and I am very lucky to have had this four years with him. One year left until he’s a senior bunny and I am trying to enjoy every minute, even if I have seen some of his behavior change, the mere fact that I’ve been able to have time to notice has been a blessing. 

Please stay with me and Chibi as long as possible because I cannot imagine our lives without you. I promise to keep giving you as much treats as I can healthily, keep getting you to your vet for checkups and snuggling whenever you want to do so.

I love you!

Cheester on one of his favorite spots on the bed.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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