The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

To attachments

I’ve been thinking about attachments. What makes people stick? What is it about them that allow for connections to stay connected? How do you decide which ones don’t fray?

I read somewhere that it’s not about who you can live with, but it’s who you can’t live without. I guess that’s true. To a certain degree, we maintain relationships we can’t think about losing. Even if there isn’t much sense to stay attached. Even if sometimes the memories that come with them hurt.

As we get older, the more people fall away as we have less and less time to flit from one thing to the other. Your life becomes more serious, you get more picky about who you spend your waking hours with (since we get tired so easy and early now), and your circle gets smaller and smaller.

As a person in their early 30s I’ve seen people fall away and have experienced loss. It’s not easy but it’s also how you distinguish your “people”. Those who choose to include you in their lives with their ever shortening bull meters. Those who stick with you in the good times and the truly terrible ones.

When you find them, do good by them. Be there for them. Make the effort. Enjoy their company. And thank yourself for being able to do this. Thank the cosmos for leading them to you. Listen to the universe when they guide you to how to help them.

Have you thought about your attachments lately? How are they?

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