The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


  • Ish me sister’s 26th today. Follow her shirt (heehee i didn’t). (Ooh child, things are gonna get easier) Happy birthday Joannaman! Read more

  • Belated happy birthday post

    Two of my friends had birthdays this past weekend. To Mito and JJ, belated happy birthdays! 🙂 Read more

  • Abby Rabi 😀

    Happy Birthday to one of the strongest most independent kickass women i know. 🙂 Read more

  • It’s K’s birthday today!

    To the future Atenean lawyer who’s gonna let me get away with murder (and other crimes) and one of my best friends: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (k, yer old. but that’s ok, we still love you. :P) Read more

  • Setrina, JJ, my bestie’s sister turned 18 last Friday, October 24, 2008 in a soiree at Patio Ibarra that was pulled together in 2 weeks. (I know, coz J was in a frantic pace trying to get everything done) And i learned the past few weeks that planning a real debut takes a lot of… Read more

  • Happy birthday esther!

    Jason, our family pet (he keeps insisting he’s my brother, whatever hahahaha.) Turns 20 today. That’s 20 years of my life i’ll never get back. And why esther? Long story. Just greet the person in the picture if you run into him in the street). Read more

  • Happy birthday bo!

    The princess of Team Gastos who’s half gangsta half diva turns 23 today. Happy birthday! So are we having blueberry cheesecake? hahaha. Read more