Things I learned last weekend

1. A moment not eating is a moment wasted.

2. It’s wonderful seeing younger cousins grow up into smart, good people.

3. Coke is great. Cherries wonderful. A cherry floating in coke is nothing amazing.

4. Cheez whiz + ground beef + onions + tomatoes + cream + chips= best.nachos.ever.

5. A three year old can stay up until 2 am (later than me, I am such a dork).

6. Asti martini=good Istanti martini=lethal.

7. Irish coffee, not as good as I remember.

8. Today’s 11-13 year olds don’t know Men in Black.

It was a strange fun scary weekend. I felt old. Happy. Scared. Annoyed. Loved.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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