The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Life in G-cleft

I’ve always loved music. Yes. Music. I am a fan of melodies. Of notes that go on and on. Of tunes that defined my life.

I can almost put my life into song and lyrics. To me there is nothing better than relating a feeling, an event, a moment in words put together with notes that I wish I thought of first.

Unfortunately I lost the ability to discern notes just from hearing them a long time ago. I’ve forgotten how to read sheet music, and i never had the patience to come up with melodies, I just sang along.

I live a karaoke life. And the playlist is long and eclectic.

I relate songs to people, especially significant others, people I’ve loved and lost. If you’re close to me, chances are I have a song that I immediately relate to you, you just have to ask. (Though sometimes, the songs reveal too much haha)

Sometimes I wish life was a musical so I wouldn’t be the only one I know who suddenly bursts into song at any given moment. (which can get old, and at times, embarassing)

So yeah, I rely on people much better at me at expressing themselves to express MYself.

And today, my song is Erase and Rewind, The Cardigans

3 responses to “Life in G-cleft”

  1. I love music too, though i cant read sheet notes. I can feel love through music, pain through strings, and perseverance through drums…id rather listen to music all day than watch TV

  2. life wud suck w/o Music!
    we need it to be lifted up & inspired!

  3. the Cardigans remind me of the days I loved Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet .. heehee..

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