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Dear New President of the Philippines

I don’t know who you are yet. I am not leaning toward the orange, the yellow, the red, the green, no not yet. I am a voter though and I will be casting mine on Monday, definitely. Who it is, who the final tallies will show, I just ask for a few things.

Please junk the JPEPA. I do not need toxic waste from Japan here. (Sushi definitely, otoro heck yeah, but toxic waste, no)

Please take care of our journalists. I am not one, but I have always admired them.  I would like to think that we are a free country where people’s voices can be heard. When journalists keep ending up dead, those people who just report on what’s happening and not really expressing their opinions, what hope is there for us civilians who want to share their two cents?

Please share the wealth. I know you’re gonna have access to a lot, and i figure, raising minimum wage for people who break their backs for P300+ a day, a couple hundred would mean the world.

Please give the RH bill a chance. I am not pro-abortion or anything to that extreme, but a few pills here and there, condoms for those who cannot afford them and keep having kids, won’t kill them, hunger will. I am anti-kids dying of hunger. A little education about how to not have them everytime they get the urge to boff would be good. Coz heck, you and I both know, you are not getting them to stop doing it. Have you tried searching for “cytotec philippines” on Google lately? They’re gonna do it, and education about the basic stuff will stop them from even considering the killing of a baby. (Thank you Women’s HealthCare Foundation for doing your part on disseminating information where you can)

That’s it. Much luck on the 6 years. Do us proud.

4 responses to “Dear New President of the Philippines”

  1. Good points.

    Let’s stop the hypocrisy, please. Pass the RH bill.

    And Jods, though you are not decided yet, I think we should eliminate any form of orange right here and now.

  2. I voted for Gordon and Bayani hee. 🙂

    I may be the minority but I feel like i did well picking one.

  3. Oo naman. As long as you vote for who you believe in (that’s not named Erap), you’re making the right choice. 🙂

  4. Hee. But you have to applaud the mastery of the man, to come second without spending billions upon billions. CLAP CLAP. whatever his machinery did, it worked.

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