Sunday Magic

the wheel

Spent Sunday indulging my inner kid while trying to keep cool with 2 serial killers, a mad drifter, a mini basketball catcher licker, and a paintball to the crotch victim, and we had a blast.

It was dehydrating, sweltering hot, incredibly wet, exceedingly dusty, but we felt like kids just going around the park looking for the next thrill ride.

Tried Zorbs and felt like hamsters.



Drank half the park’s gatorade.

Learned magic.

Won a mini basketball toy and conceived a drinking game.

Went home after the fireworks (Damn those were nice) and laughed at episodes of Friends.

What a weekend. 😀

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.


  • Jody Alarva

    @Camz: Go go! it’s fun, especially i think if it’s deserted. no lines!

    @pao: we had a little ice monster spoon we used as a catcher, that andreina was licking before we used it pala. haha!

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