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Have a card


Yup, those are my lips on the card.

I have only had 1 person comment on my lips, my friend Anna did, when I was a model for her makeup class more than a year ago. I don’t really notice them until i bite them and they bleed, or they feel dry and i swipe them with chapstick.

See, I don’t know much about this girl stuff. I’m hardly one. I had my mom do my makeup for years until Anna came along. My idea of having my hair done is getting a hair spa so it smells really really good. I paint my nails then scrub to remove the excess.

I think you get my point.

So I never really thought about that kind of thing until she told me that she really liked the shape of them, that they were easy to put lipstick on, asking why I don’t wear red lipstick more often. I replied that I invariably eat my lipstick.

What can I say, it was an honor to pose for this card. For one, Anna is the only makeup artist  I would trust to do my makeup. (She really is talented! She did my makeup for the Christmas party last year and I felt like a rockstar.) And two, I don’t really pose for anything. I had one shoot for my friend, and the pictures felt stiff and I don’t know angles and shiz like that.

10 minutes and a conference room later, (plus a little help from Ronan to put a card in between the lips and change the background and teeth hues) voila, a business card is born.

So guess what, Anna Angeles clients, that’s little old me on that card. And, you really should get her, she rocks the house.

And thank you, Ms. Anna Lorraine, for one of my favorite photos.

this is a real business card, if you’re interested in getting Ms. Angeles’s services, call the number on the card. And if you want pictures of her work, go to

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