On pretty food and eating like a grownup

Macarons and tea

Five years ago, if you told me I would be eschewing my Coke and cake for macarons and mint tea, I would have bonked you on the head and told you that you were nuts. I am a sweets girl, and I figure anything goes perfect with coke and cake, but here I am, having teas and these delicate little things that melt in my mouth.

I think I’m growing up. I gave up coffee for tea on taste preference (never mind that after I drink coffee I feel heavy and hot), sipping on jasmine or chamomile or simply green tea with brown rice after a heavy meal. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Coke is the most perfect drink in the world, but I don’t drink it as often, and we don’t stock it in the house as much anymore.

Also, truthfully the first time I tried macarons after weeks of debate and a lot of research, I thought “That’s it?”, but now I do think they’re one of the most sublime things I have ever put in my mouth. Suffice to say I have only tried our Filipino versions of the original french pastry, what if I get to wrap my lips around the real thing? Melt in your mouth, airy, delicately sweet, the macaron is I think, definitively a delicacy. Or, as I made up in my mind the word to describe as meaning delicate and delicious.

I think I’m growing up in terms of food choices, last Sunday I chose to buy bread pudding instead of chocolate cake when I had the choice of one or the other.

Although, I am finding myself in the search for the perfect brazo de mercedes (not frozen, just the regular brazo) after a few weeks of buying a slice from Banchetto.

But I’m rambling. I do believe I’m expanding my taste buds as an adult. Hopefully they don’t grow old on me.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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