The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Today, I am happy to be an everyday girl.

For years, I have spent my life, time and effort trying to set myself apart. Adolescent years of “not wanting to become part of the mold” have made my favorite phrase “a walking contradiction”. I’ve ditched normal wants and needs, cultivating my “life on the outside looking on the inside just to realize that now, 25 years of age, I am part of the normal. I am an everyday girl.

And I kinda like that.

I am not the richest, the most beautiful, the “one with the body”. I am not the girl with an attitude, or fantastic drawing skills, or can sing the hell out of that Mariah Carey song with my 7 octave range.

Truthfully, I am one of the crowd. Years of hanging out with gorgeous girls with legs that go on for days, or have a rack that is insane has taught me to blend in. I am not saying I’m ugly,  I’ve been told I clean up okay.

I cannot spend like a king because I am a commoner. I work for the stuff that I accumulate, and as my parents told me, if I want something, I have to spend for it. I work for a living and it has taught me to value what I earn, because I worked for it.

I cannot draw, play a musical instrument, and my hobbies are negligible. My passions range from food to friends, things that make me happy, but don’t really “make an impact”. No award winning skills have me on newspapers or television screens as part of news coverage on a “Filipino Making a Difference”.

Yes, when I hear about some friends cruising by on their looks, or their parents money or something or the other to really make people gasp or applaud in awe, I do sometimes feel stabs of envy. But when I realize what comes with enormous wealth, or notoriety, or fame, I glance back at my life and realize how lucky I have it.

So I may not be the girl that everyone gawps at because of my stunning looks, or marvels at my brain powers, or wishes their lifestyle could emulate for the spending capacity. I actually like the “normal” milestones now.

Things like introducing a significant other to the family then having my aunts and uncles look for him when he couldn’t attend a family gathering makes me giddy. Being able to buy the shoes i want just because I want them gives me a rush sometimes when I realize how much I had to save before because I was limited to my allowance. Cooking that perfect batch of pasta that I can’t get quite right because I was too ADHD to keep my eye on things before they burnt, now come easy.

Life is good. This everyday girl is finally happy with her lot.

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