The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


  • A new low. In the days of hives, asthma, migraines and incredibly painful acidity, was hypertension. In a routine checkup to see where my prediabetes was progressing, we discovered that I had enough high blood pressure that I was a stroke risk. Two rounds of medication, a stay of an extra 2 hours at the… Read more

  • Life is short, week 37 of 52

    Status update: Hives but no asthma. So better? Fatigued as heck all the time, and need to carve time out to row. I know I’m missing weeks and should clean up but I have zero desire to do that right now. Short moments of the week: 1. Overspending at the grocery store. So I may… Read more

  • Life is short, week 34 of 52

    Status update: Two days of incredibly uncomfortable hearburn had me on my knees. Had me trying to figure out if giving up my start of work coffee and eventual caffeine withdrawal migraines is a bigger pain in the butt. Isn’t growing up awful? Moments of the week: 1. Spontaneous outings that actually happen. Sunday Korean… Read more

  • Status report: Finished my nebules, and I don’t know if I’m hallucinating the cigarette smoke going into the vents. Life moments of the week: 1. Chester being back at the vet, diagnosed with stress. I get it Chester, I miss her too. So much so this week, when I realized how much you follow me… Read more

  • Status update: Once a week nebulizing, but an almost everyday relationship with my inhaler. Only one migraine for the week which is a win — but also upping my caffeine intake by a lot with yakult jasmine iced teas. Eh. We do what we can. Moments of the week: 1. New routines with Cheester. He… Read more

  • Life is short, week 7 of 52

    Status report: 4 out of 7 days of migraines, 3 of 7 in hives. It’s all about balance folks. Things to note: 1. Taking a day off for a rebalancing. Instead of the responsible thing and diving straight into my 2021 tax stuff like I should, I took the day off and did some fun… Read more

  • Coming together in the face of loss. We lost a friend, a colleague, an all around bright light November 14th. While it doesn’t make up for what was lost, there is some comfort in knowing everyone else is there. We’ll all miss him, and grief is unpredictable, but like the Beatles said, “We get by… Read more

  • I feel like this week has been filled with things I’m extra grateful for, that I’m a little nervous of what the blowback is for this week. I also will remember to take this week to week to week. Song of the week: Lost Cause by Billie Eilish 1. A long weekend. I had a… Read more

  • 1. Small wins. Like this Thursday’s end of day dinner of tacos and ice cream. I did not deserve it because I have not earned it workout wise, but boy did it feel great after a long day. 2. Good people. We had five new folks start with our team this week, and it was… Read more

  • 1. I got a new workdesk last week as a gift. It was so mindblowing to me, that it’s still sinking in. I’ll write about it in a separate post because I am so flabbergasted by the whole thing. 2. I bought a nixtamalization kit, which is step one of having my own hominy, which… Read more