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Status report, March 10th, 2023

A new low. In the days of hives, asthma, migraines and incredibly painful acidity, was hypertension. In a routine checkup to see where my prediabetes was progressing, we discovered that I had enough high blood pressure that I was a stroke risk.

Two rounds of medication, a stay of an extra 2 hours at the doctor, and I went home with 3 new medications and a scared family.

So this is a sad wake up call. That I need to take my health seriously. That there is more at stake here than balancing my caffeine with my melatonin. Here’s to the next 30 days of taking my blood pressure 3x, 3 times a day. To exercising more regularly and eating better. Wish me luck.

A realistic optimist just trying to find her way.

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