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Things that made me happy lately, March 8, 2023

Status report: BP so high I was a stroke risk, daily hives, migraine immediately at hour 13 of no caffeine. However! Gave up coca cola and baked desserts for Lent. Wish me luck.

Because of the ~fragility~ of life and me feeling every single one of my 36 years on earth lately, I will be putting more emphasis on the little things that make me happy. Because life is too fucking short not to.

Happy things since I last documented:

1. Isabel’s Meal plans. Planning food for one is tough. I make things for a minimum of 5 people. Groceries are expensive as hell right now. I have zero prep time because of everything else that needs fixing. I have done meal deliveries in different shapes and forms, and my favorites so far are Isabel’s, and also The Six Pack Chef. I am not dieting per se. I am rewiring my tendency to go for the fastest, greasiest thing (I love Jin Ramen’s mild with egg, sesame oil, and some milk in it) to something more nutritious on a regular basis. I actually think it’s working because I need muc less salt in things, and look for the leaf crunch a lot. It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than lipo (joking. For now.)

2. Mango season. The Philippine mango, in all bias, is amazing. I would eat it everyday if it wasn’t so expensive. While it grows the whole year, it’s in season the first quarter, which means more consistent sweetness, cheaper. It’s also Indian mango season and our tree produces the sweetest ones I’ve had. I literally can make it into shakes if I wanted to.

3. Getting things done. It’s been rough trying to get all these adult requirements (government registrations, payments and the like) the past few weeks, but it’s slowly getting done. Can it be easier? F yes. Will it? We’ll see. But for now, the dopamine hit of checking something off the list will have to do. Slow and steady. One thing at a frigging time.

Songs that defined this time:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours by Stevie Wonder

Found a Reason by Smle

This is How I Learn How to Say No by Emeline

What made you happy lately? -J

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