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Things that have made me happy lately, February 28, 2023

It’s been a long, tough slog of a week, and I can’t get over the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But we’re still here. And there are some bright spots.

1. Finding creme de cassis in the PH. Three years ago a friend had a signature drink of cassis, gin, egg white and lemons. It was delicious and I couldn’t stop drinking them (or requesting that he keep making them). To my surprise, a local deli had them on the shelves. I immediately bought a bottle and confirmed the recipe. And while I think he still mixes them better, it felt like coming home. And then forgetting how bad these are (i add like 3 shots of gin) and getting properly smashed — still worth it.

I should buy 2 more bottles.

2. Finding a couple more places to post real mail. I like snail mail. I used to mail letters all the time when it was in between the gate and my college building. I usually send mail a lot less now because it needs to be a special trip to my sister’s college campus. In my shit show of real estate tax and healthcare issues of the past two weeks though, I found two places on my usual routes that can send post. So i will keep buying cards and making sure I post it a month in advance now — since most of my friends are now on the other side of the world. Dang it.

3. Being able to celebrate a friend’s milestone birthday. I can’t say enough good things about my friend Cherry and her amazing business. Knowing her for 11 years now has been a blessing. I’ve seen her kids from little ones to now full grown people. She is such a warm, loving person and I’ve been so lucky to watch from the sidelines as she succeeds. She deserves all the happiness, and she didn’t look a day over 25 as she celebrated turning 40. I always think the happiest people look the most beautiful, and she definitely shines from the inside.

Songs so far:

Tell Me Why I’m Waiting by Timmies, Shiloh Dynasty

Line Without a Hook by Rick Montgomery

Fall in Love Alone by Stacey Ryan


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