The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

Songs to listen to

  • Status report: MRI day. Trying not to have surgery, but I might need it. What’s made me happy lately: 1. Chester’s 9th year with us. He has saved my life too many times to count. He has also cost me hundreds of thousands of pesos of damage, because he only chews expensive things. At least… Read more

  • Status report: It’s been a week of barely controllable hive breakouts and random outbursts. I have been self medicating with a lot of sweets, sugary drinks, and acupuncture like ear piercings. However in this rollercoaster of a week there are a few bright spots: 1. Getting more ear piercings. I have realized that earrings are… Read more

  • Status report: Hives still keep happening, and my lower back hurts even with regular massages for Tita’s Hedonist Day Out. I need to figure this out. What made me happy last week: 1. Family time. I don’t see my extended family a lot, especially since the move. This holy week holiday is one of those… Read more

  • Status report: BP monitor broke and I couldn’t get readings for 3 days, which coincided with a migraine that would not quit for 2. I must’ve had 4 coffees and 3 advils a day to try and address it, but the drugs and caffeine wouldn’t work. Recent theory, too much heat. My happy things: 1.… Read more

  • Status report: BP so high I was a stroke risk, daily hives, migraine immediately at hour 13 of no caffeine. However! Gave up coca cola and baked desserts for Lent. Wish me luck. Because of the ~fragility~ of life and me feeling every single one of my 36 years on earth lately, I will be… Read more

  • Status update: Migraines and insomnia. Advil close to running out, and Tylenol has stopped working for headaches. Is the insomnia causing the migraines or are the migraines causing the insomnia? Life is short moments of the week: 1. Chipped teeth getting fixed. Teeth are expensive, and now even more so. I broke two front teeth… Read more

  • Life is short, week 6 of 52

    Status report: 6 bad migraine days out of 7, but successfully refilled with – full box of of ibuprofen. If only I was wrecking my liver with more fun things. 1. Dad’s birthday. Excessive amounts of food and snark, even if I had to sleep early for work. I love birthdays and making a big… Read more

  • 1. The beginning of independence. Sounds ridiculous for someone who’s 35 years old, but also in a very traditional, conservative country and family. I am being vague on purpose, but independence means a lot to me — especially what it took to get there. 2. Great support. I have leaned on a lot of people,… Read more

  • Anyone who’s met me knows I am a crazy rabbit lady (my friend Marian Jo has mocked up collages even) but this is a whole different thing. I have been working by myself a lot, and when you work nights, the times are even quieter, and even though I use a friend’s music around 60%… Read more

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage Kanye. More than I care to admit now that he’s gone full batshit crazy. Or I guess that’s the brand now? And this song just feels right for a Saturday night after a long week of having to deal with too much. His lyrics sometimes really hit… Read more