The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

I think you should listen to Florence and the Machine’s Rabbit Heart today

Anyone who’s met me knows I am a crazy rabbit lady (my friend Marian Jo has mocked up collages even) but this is a whole different thing. I have been working by myself a lot, and when you work nights, the times are even quieter, and even though I use a friend’s music around 60% of the time while working, when I need to fill the quiet, I listen to songs I can sing to.

I have been listening to Florence and the Machine’s Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) lately. The lyrics are apt for a lot of things I’ve been thinking about:

Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights
It seems I’ve made the final sacrifice

We raise it up, this offering
We raise it up

This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife?

Life is so different since March that who knows what things really mean anymore. I just know that I will keep listening to songs, I will keep singing at the top of my lungs, and I will fill my days with melodies that help my soul along. (Instead of the past few of food and drinking, but suffice to say I’m still going to use those some days).

You can listen to the song here

So are you the lamb or the knife?

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