The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain

What made me happy, week of April 24, 2023

Status report: It’s been a week of barely controllable hive breakouts and random outbursts. I have been self medicating with a lot of sweets, sugary drinks, and acupuncture like ear piercings.

However in this rollercoaster of a week there are a few bright spots:

1. Getting more ear piercings. I have realized that earrings are the jewelry i really respond to. Even when we had a jewelry phase, i bought mostly earrings and rings. In the span of 2 months, I have added 4 (one did not work out) active piercings to one ear. I can’t recommend it enough if you have no fear of needles and like teeny jewelry. Just don’t touch your fresh piercing after carrying fresh shrimp from your car to your place.

2. Feeling like a girl again. It takes so much professionals to keep me looking halfway put together on a regular basis, and every single thing is in a different, specialized place. Nails get done in a different city. Hair is only at the guy who’s done it for at least the past 6 years. Brows only at this brow place in this one branch. And so on and so forth. And I still look like i rolled out of bed. You can’t even imagine what this looks like without help from people who know better that i pay for their expertise.

3. The people that show up. Bar none. It was an exceptionally tough week. I waved the flag. People showed up. They saved my life. I am thankful.

Songs of the week:

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Under Pressure by Queen

Rescued by The Foo Fighters

Up & Down by The Chainsmokers, 347Aidan


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