The human heart was—and remains—a mystery to me. But I’m learning. I have to. —Anthony Bourdain


  • Status report: Sugar is all out of whack, and is affecting so many different things. Losing sleep, breaking out in hives. It’s going to get better it’s just me. My bright spots from the last week: 1. Acceptance. Late last week, I let go of clothes I had been holding on to for decades. I… Read more

  • Status report: Only one hive breakout! But the whole week my brain wouldnt let me sleep. So much to think about, and I need to give myself some space and boundaries. Work in progress. I had some bright spots. It was a rollercoaster of a week and there were a lot of things on my… Read more

  • The last time

    The last time I had a crush, he used words like esoteric around me, spoke in a really calm, breathy manner, and was, by all accounts, very brainy. I was infatuated with his intelligence, and ignored all the red flags that were clearly all around him. It was, as most of my crushes go, horrid.… Read more

  • There have been a few things that has brought to my attention, how time has passed in my life, and how I am “no longer a spring chicken”. The first being — the rabbit I have lived with for 8 years being called an old man by his vet. The second, the realization that my… Read more

  • Status report: Hives 3x this week, no migraines. Life is short moments to note: 1. A baby hike that was fully squishy. I am not the fittest person. I don’t really go outdoors for fear of frogs. But I actually like the baby hikes that are frog free is what I realize. Two years of… Read more

  • Status report: 3 days of migraines, 2 of insomnia. Trying to stick to better habits, but still cooking my liver. 1. Clearing my head. My foray into semi anonymous humanity was a very intense learning experience. It made me learn a ton more about myself, (Tbh I’m getting really tired of all this self introspection,… Read more

  • In 2021, it was all covid fatigue. We’ve been a year in. I knew I was in a not good place to begin. I came up for air bruised and battered, and all the more scarred. I hope I really made the moments count. There were a lot of decisions made under the guise of… Read more

  • 1. Incredibly smart people that are kind. Often, one can show up without the other. I’ve been lucky enough to know and love people that are both. I learn so much everyday and I’m thankful for the people that make that a human experience and not just a transactional one. 2. Progress. I am an… Read more

  • And it’s not really about chemistry in the romantic sense, but mostly how my brain responds to things. I mean, I’ve made a ton of questionable decisions because my brain decided, “Dude, we want this.”. It floods my system with the chemicals to make my pulse quicken, my breath shorter, and even with the quietest… Read more