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Restaurant reviews

  • Status report: 3 full days of migraines, 2 tylenol and 1 ibuprofen for breakfast. Cooking my liver in not fun ways. 1. Catching up with a friend and getting into new habits for good. What I’ve realized a lot from my (not Filipino at all) American friends is that they do well enough alone. Checking… Read more

  • Status check: 3 days of insomnia versus 6, not bad. Tylenol is a godsend. 1. Going on a day out of silly things. Sister and mom and I went to just go out. Ran into a friend I haven’t seen in like 6 years and his mom, who I also adore. It was such a… Read more

  • I am not a girl that goes to BGC (Bonifacio Global City) often. It is, in today’s traffic, three hours away from where I work/live. This was confirmed when I tagged along my sister and her friends’ monthly dinner thing a couple of weeks ago. We had checked beforehand how long it would take as… Read more

  • It is no secret that I am a fan of Puerto Princesa (as evidenced by the post here) and the food. Fresh, cheap and uncomplicated, it’s easy there. Everything is mostly a tricycle ride away. I could go on and on about what I love about the place, but that is not the point of… Read more

  • The website for Your Local says “A new take on familiar flavors.” I would like to agree. While a couple weeks ago was my first visit to the joint, the place felt recognizable, while being fresh. I had heard of Your Local before, you can’t help but, if you read food blogs and local websites… Read more

  • When a former colleague asked to take us to dinner for a celebration of a year well done, I had to look for a place in the Shangrila area. It couldn’t be too weird, as our colleague is notorious for being picky, and it couldn’t be too far because we only had a limited amount… Read more

  • I can’t take credit for finding Patio Vera, as it was the significant other that found it and made reservations the first time we went there. I was awed. The place was gorgeous. It’s set in an outdoor patio, with an all white room that’s airconditioned for those who want their dinner a bit brighter.… Read more

  • Ramen Nagi is a lot of people’s favorite from the ramen joints out there. It’s one of the more interactive ones, where you pick the richness of the broth, the garlic strength, noodle firmness, and individually pick add ons from the menu. I’ve heard about the place a long time, and I only had the… Read more

  • When my sister and I found ourselves in Makati last month, we knew we had to try the cheese tsukemen (a variety of ramen in which the noodles arrive separately, cold or at room temperature, along a bowl of intense broth into which the noodles are meant to be dipped) in a place famous for it… Read more

  • I have to admit, I was skeptical about Kettle. When I read about the joint, I kept reading about their fried chicken, and was like, “really, fried chicken? I could get a bucket of Chickenjoy for one order at that place.” However, when a few friends and I went there to have a light lunch,… Read more