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Duck and Buvette: Comfortingly good.

When a former colleague asked to take us to dinner for a celebration of a year well done, I had to look for a place in the Shangrila area. It couldn’t be too weird, as our colleague is notorious for being picky, and it couldn’t be too far because we only had a limited amount of time. I had settled with Duck and Buvette because the reviews were good, and not being very familiar with French food or any version of it, it was something we had to try.

For something we all weren’t familiar with, the style of cooking at Duck and Buvette (or at least the dishes we tried), felt comforting and recognizable. Beef with potatoes, veal with corn, fish dishes. Bacon(!).

My friend, being a big fan of all things bacon, ordered the Maple Candied Bacon and Lemon (P175) to start, and this is what we got:

Maple Candied Bacon and Lemon

They were good, I just needed them a tad crispier, as I am of the thinking that bacon should always be crispy.

The table favorite was the 8 hour Angus Briskets (P370), creamy, melt in your mouth beef with garlic mashed potatoes that i wanted to steal from the two people (out of four of us there) who ordered it.


8 Hour Angus Briskets

I had the Veal Shank and Smacked Corn (P550)

Veal Shank and Smacked Corn

For me, a really manly type dish that was full of beefy flavor, made a little delicate with the corn.

Verdict: We shall return. Especially for the mashed potatoes.

Prepare to spend: Around P600-P700 per person for food and drinks

Duck and Buvette

02 6310675
+63 9179324843

Level 2, Main Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City


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