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Patio Vera: Gorgeous area, menu hit and miss

Patio Vera’s Beef Steak and Paella Valenciana

I can’t take credit for finding Patio Vera, as it was the significant other that found it and made reservations the first time we went there. I was awed. The place was gorgeous. It’s set in an outdoor patio, with an all white room that’s airconditioned for those who want their dinner a bit brighter. Filled with vintage knick knacks, I was openmouthed the whole time I was waiting for our food to arrive, and how do you not, with this all around you:

Flowery pretty

The menu is fairly simple, nice Filipino favorites with a sprinkling of other cuisine. It is divided in simple categories of soup, salad, and main ingredients (Pork, Beef, Veggies, etc.). Our first visit, I had the Fabada (P115) soup, which according to their menu was white beans, pork knuckles and chorizo. It was great. Soothing, smooth, and really quite heavy for a single serving. This made me too full to finish my Salpicao Aglio Olio (P325), which the boyfriend finished. To be honest, it was a little too oily for me, too much richness on one plate, and after a rich soup, I couldn’t manage more than half the serving.

Boyfriend had the Halaan in Ginger Wansuy Soup (P99), which had a nice kick and a surprisingly good touch of wansuy, and the Spare Ribs (P325). He left half the ribs on the plate, as they were half slabs of fat, which is nice for a lot of people, but for him, too much as well.

This was not the last time we would go, in fact we went a month ago with his family. A bigger group, we were seated in the middle of the patio, and ordered significantly more dishes. Here is what we ordered:

Crispy Pata (P595) which was huge, enough for 3-4 people on its own. One caveat was the soy sauce that usually accompanies the dish had a sweet taste, which is not really for me.

Classic Kare Kare (P395) large serving too, 3-4 people as well. Vegetables were fresh, there were both oxtail and tripe, which works for me as I’m partial to tripe. Sauce was a bit sweet, but goes nicely with the bagoong.

Beef Steak (P345) good for 2-3 people. Nothing special, but good for those wanting traditional beef steak.

Everyone also had a Fabada which went over well with all.

Verdict: Go for the ambience, try the menu as it can be hit or miss. I am definitely a bigger fan of Patio Vera’s space, their menu I’m still going back and forth on.

Prepare to spend: Around P400-P500 a head with drinks.

Where is it:

70 General F. Santos Street, Calumpang, Marikina City

Please reserve a table before going as they can fill up (02 2390615), and be prepared to be a little patient on parking as there isn’t really space to park, it’s just on the street.




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